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【Application Summary】
■ Series The Funny Apps
■ Application Tissue
■ Device iPhone/iPod touch
■ Genre Tissue paper action game
■ Release 23.02.2009
■ Price $1.99
・The goal of this game is to pick tissues from the box.
・Pinch the screen to pick the tissue on the screen, then flick up to pull it out... It is a fun tissue game only for iPhone and iPod touch.
・There are 3 game modes: "10 tissues " "50 tissues " "200 tissues" mode challenges you to complete picking the target number of tissues as fast as possible, "30 sec" mode challenges you to see how many tissues you can pick in 30 seconds and "Endless" modes allows you to keep picking tissues without any limits!
・You can pick as many tissue as you want with this app. You don't waste any paper nor bother your mom to clean.
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